Power Business Department

Marubeni Philippines Corporation's Power Business Department represents the company’s interests in the power sector from power purchase agreements (PPA) and energy conversion agreement (ECA)-based independent power producer (IPP) projects, to engineering procurement and construction (EPC)-turnkey power plant construction projects funded by official development assistance and various multilateral export credit agencies. 

In the Philippines, Marubeni built several IPP power plants funded under project finance scheme, like the Mindanao Geothermal Power Plants 1 & 2, which were already turned-over to the Energy Development Corporation after the completion of its 10-year build-operate-transfer (BOT) contract. Marubeni also built and currently operates with its partner, Kansai International Power Corporation, the 411 MW San Roque Multipurpose Dam Project under a 25-year BOT contract with the National Power Corporation (NPC) and which is now under an independent power producer administration (IPPA) contract with San Miguel Energy Corporation.

As the trends in power plant demand changes, Marubeni focuses on the construction of new merchant plants, the expansion of existing power plants and participation in the gas industry and in the gas power development.

Together with our affiliate company, PIC (Power Industry Consultants), we offer operation and maintenance of plant operation that could optimize the efficiency and output of old plants at minimal costs using latest technology like computerized modelling for optimum combustion and online monitoring of real cost plant operations.

We also provide gas power plant solutions like the supply of compressed natural gas barges for transporting regional natural gas and Gravifloat, a secured semi-floating liquefied natural gas tank regasification unit. This is the best and quickest solution for the expansion of existing gas plants, greenfield gas plants for the retrofit of liquid fuel fired combined cycle power plants.

On the green energy front, our company is keen on developing solar and small hydro power plants on either feed-in tariff (FIT) or on renewable portfolio service (PRS) mode. Marubeni sees a lot of opportunities in the Philippines and would like to provide solutions in line with the country’s quest of having stable and cost competitive electricity supply.

List of IPP Projects in Operation:

  • San Roque Multi-Purpose Hydro Plant, 345 MW
  • Pagbilao Coal-Fired Plant, 735MW
  • Sual Coal-Fired Plant, 1218MW
  • Pagbilao Coal-Fired Plant Unit 3, 420MW

Marubeni's Other Power-Related Projects in the Philippines
Construction and/or rehabilitation works for the following (all with NPC):

  • Batangas II Coal, 300 MW 
  • Limay Combined Cycle A & B, 600 MW 
  • Malaya Gas Turbines, 30 MW
  • Manila Oil Fired, 200 MW
  • Tiwi 5&6 Geothermal, 110 MW
  • Rehabilitation of the Tiwi 1 & 2, 5 & 6 Geothermal 
  • Malaya Oil Fired, 650 MW
  • Rehabilitation of the Malaya Oil Fired
  • Sucat Oil Fired, 850 MW
  • Rehabilitation of the Sucat Oil Fired 
  • Leyte-Luzon HVDC, Interconnection Converter Station 
  • Mindanao I Geothermal Plant, 48 MW 
  • Leyte Mahanagdong Geothermal Plant, 240 MW
  • Mindanao II Geothermal Plant, 49 MW
  • San Roque-San Manuel 230KV Transmission Line

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Joint Ventures, Subsidiaries & Affiliates
San Roque Power Corporation

San Roque Power Corporation, jointly owned by Marubeni Corporation and Kansai Power International Corporation, is the owner and operation and maintenance (O&M) company of the San Roque Multi-purpose Dam Project in San Manuel, Pangasinan. Other than providing 411 MW of electricity, the San Roque Multipurpose Dam greatly helps in stabilizing the electricity grid system of the whole Luzon Island. It is also the first line of defense against flooding in the Agno River Basin and helps clean the water that flows from Eastern to Western Pangasinan.


TeaM Energy Corporation

TeaM Energy Corporation is a joint venture company of Marubeni Corporation and JERA. It is an Independent Power Producer that owns and operates the 1,218 MW Sual Power Station in Pangasinan and the 735 MW Pagbilao Power Station in Quezon. In partnership with Aboitiz Power Corporation, it is operating the 420 MW coal-fired Pagbilao Unit 3.