Food and Agri Business Department

Optimizing the increase of demand for food accompanying global population growth, Marubeni distributes a wide range of food and produce commodities on a global scale.
In the Philippines, we supply substantial quantity of quality U.S. wheat to flour millers in the country covering a major share of the local market. We import green peas/beans that are manufactured into snack foods. We also source local virgin coconut oil to cater to the demand for a healthy lifestyle by the Japanese people. Marubeni is one of the first trading companies to export frozen chicken meat from the Philippines to Japan. We continue to expand our exportation of frozen chicken items to other international markets as well. Fresh food items such as marine products, fruits and vegetables are supplied to global markets including Japan. Our company also has a long history in trading of sugar and supply of molasses in the Philippines and continues to enjoy firm alliances with local sugar traders as a result. At the same time, we also import feed grain to supply the growing demand of the feed milling industry in the country. 

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